Superar una entrevista de trabajo en inglés

¿Sabes lo que te van a preguntar en una entrevista de trabajo?

Superar una entrevista de trabajo en inglésY lo más importante … ¿Sabes cómo responder?

Una entrevista de trabajo en Reino Unido, Estados Unidos o otros países de habla inglesa, no difiere en exceso de una entrevista de trabajo en España. Sin embargo sí que es cierto que tiene algunas particularidades y algunas preguntas clave que vamos a tener que saber sortear. En esta sección vamos a ver diez preguntas clásicas que nos pueden plantear y cómo podemos responderlas con seguridad.

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Abajo hay unos ejemplos del contenido.

1. Why are you looking for another job?

If you want to leave your present job for negative reasons, be very careful in how you express this to an interviewer.
Make it sound positive. Best answer is: “I am looking for another job because I am looking for more responsibilities, new challenges where I can put my full potential, my skills, my work experience, my studies, languages to full use for the benefit of the company and my career growth.”

2. How long have you been looking for another job?

I have been actively looking for a job but at the same time I have been involved on studying specialized courses related to my career as I feel I need to keep my skills current.

3. Why do you want to work for this Company and why should I hire you?

After reading about your company, its philosophy, the company beliefs and policies, with my work experience, education and personal attributes I know that you are a company that can benefit from what I have to offer and at the same time you are also a company that would be good for my professional growth and advancement.

4. What did you dislike about your present/last job?

Do not be too specific. Talk about the characteristics of your present company that are different from the company you’re interviewed by.

Best answer is: “ I have always wanted to be in a company where I can be given more responsibilities and challenges because I know I can give a lot to the company to increase their productivity resulting in more benefits for them and a career advancement and growth for me.

The company I was working for or working for right now is not in a position to provide this due to varying reasons beyond their control.

5. What is your greatest achievement to date?

Talk about what you started in the company you are with or past companies. Example answer is: “I was responsible for a system change in their accounting procedures making accounts receivable and payables function better.”

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