Curso online inglés avanzado

Introducción – curso online inglés avanzado

The “curso online inglés avanzado” is for people with a minimum of an MCERL level C1/C2.

This course is a rewarding journey through advanced English (including slang).

The course covers English in both formal, business and informal settings.

At the end of the course the expectation is that you have reached MCERL level C1/C2.

Learning material presentation

The “curso online inglés avanzado” is written entirely in English. This includes all explanations and instructions.

Prestige CEFRL certification from EBC

After you have passed all the tests, the system allows you to generate a PDF formatted certificate that shows your level and grade.

Grading follows the rules of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

Lesson content

The course comprises 24 lessons that contain:

  • Grammar – a description of the topic and examples of correct usage.
  • Examples – how to use the lesson topic.
  • 4 jewels from the master – four key points to increase your vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary – additional words to improve your level.
  • Reading exercise – read a text that has mistakes that must be corrected or where you have to identify key points from the lesson.
  • Listening exercise – you must listen to a recording and then answer questions about what you heard.
  • Audio-visual exercise – you must watch a video and then answer questions about what you saw and heard.
  • Self-correction – review your answers to the exercises.
  • Extra help - a pronunciation tool

The course has 3 progress tests to show you how your level is improving throughout the course.

There is a test after each group of 8 lessons.

The tests ask questions about the lessons you have studied so far.

Your grade is available as soon as you finish the test,.

We estimate that it will take 80 hours to finish the 24 lessons and 3 tests.

Table of contents for the “curso online inglés avanzado”

1 Perfect and non–perfect tenses in relation to time
2 ‘A changing world’ – adverbs with two forms
3 ‘In the news’ – Past and present passive voice
4 ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Future passive/passive infinitive
5 ‘Body Image’ – Real and unreal tenses
6 ‘Language and identity’ – agreeing and disagreeing
7 ‘Office Politics’ – Verb forms, Infinitives & Gerunds
8 ‘If I were you’ – Second conditional for giving advice
9 Test 1
10 ‘If only’ – Third conditional
11 ‘The absolute truth’ – The ZERO conditional versus other forms
12 ‘The Modern World’ – Idioms for business and work
13 ‘The Future is bright’ – Future Perfect
14 ‘Great Expectations’ – Modal verbs for obligation
15 ‘Sleepless in Segovia’ – Compound Adjectives
16 ‘Things that go bump” – Prepositional Phrases
17 ‘Out On The Town’ – Idiomatic Expressions
18 Test 2
19 ‘Requests and Enquiries’ – expressions of softening
20 ‘Paradise on Earth’ – Relative pronouns/clauses
21 ‘What happened was’ – making assumptions and speculations
22 ‘The End Result’ – Linking conjunctions to show result or effects
23 ‘Life on Campus’ – Idioms of school life
24 ‘Crystal Clear’ – Understanding common euphemisms
25 ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ – Expressing Personal Opinions
26 ‘What’s up mate’ – English slang
27 Test 2

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